International Enrolment Process

  1. You can access the International application form and prospectus from our website or from TAF appointed agent.
  2. The course fees includes the application fees.
  3. Submit your application form along with
  • Certified/Original copy of Passport
  • Certified/Original copy of visa (if apply onshore),
  • Certified/Original copies of IELTs results ( if applicable)
  • Certified/Original copy of Certificate of Secondary School or year 12 or equivalent. ( if applicable)
  • Certified/Original copy of previous cancelled CoE and/or Letter of Release (if applying onshore and changing provider within 6 months of completion of the primary course)
  • Health cover

Use the checklist at the end of the application form in order to ensure you have provided all documents.

  1. TAF staff will conduct a Pre-training interview as part of the enrolment process. This is to ensure that the course you have selected is suitable for you and meets your goals. The pre-training interview can be conducted either face to face or by a telephonic interview.
  2. You will also need to complete a Language Literacy and Numeracy test. This test helps us check whether you have adequate skills and abilities to meet the requirements of your desired training program
  3. Student Services & Records Manager (SSR) will assess the previous educational qualifications according to the student visa requirements using the the link provided below
  4. SSR will assess whether the student is required to provide evidence of IELTS or its equivalence to meet their visa requirements. Students may either be exempted from the English requirements or may not need to provide evidence of English depending on the Assessment level of their country and TAF risk level. TAF admin staff will confirm the requirements of individual students by checking with the link provided below
  5. If it is a requirement of your visa to provide a verified IELTS score or equivalence and you are not able to. You will be advised to provide evidence or enrol in an English (ELICOS) course for an appropriate duration to achieve the required language proficiency level.
  6. Once TAF receives all the documents and the course has been deemed suitable for you, TAF will issue ‘letter of offer and written agreement’ to you or your agent.
  7. You must carefully go through the ‘letter of offer and written agreement’ as it is a legally binding document. Please ensure to read the Appendix A and Appendix B attached along with your offer. Initial each page and sign the last page of the document.
  8. Submit the ‘letter of offer and written agreement’ along with the fees mentioned on the document. (Note Send a proof of payment along with the offer)
  9. Once TAF receives the ‘letter of offer and written agreement’ along with the fees, TAF will issue and send you or your agent the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from PRISMS.
Domestic Enrolment Process

Prior to your course commencement Training Australia First staff will conduct a training need analysis using a Pre-training Review form. This interview will enable us to assess whether the course you are enquiring about is suitable to meet your interests, objectives, goals and job outcomes you are after.

During the pre-training interview you will be provided with:

  • Information on your rights and obligations
  • Pre- enrolment information and our obligations to you
  • Student Handbook which includes information on our policies and procedures
  • Prospectus
  • Fees & Charges Schedule

If we have identified a suitable course for you, you will need to:

  • Fill out an application form. Read the application form carefully and ensure you understand the information properly before signing it. If you cannot understand any information please feel free to ask any TAF representative for more information.
  • Complete a Language. Literacy and Numeracy assessment. This assessment will enable us to identify if you require additional support to complete your course successfully.
  • Provide us with a USI number
  • Submit one piece of evidence/ document as a proof of eligibility to study as a domestic student in Australia.
  • Meet the entry requirements of the relevant cours The information on the entry requirements are available to you on our website and course prospectus.
  • Read the information available to you in the Domestic student handbook.

Once TAF receives all the documents, TAF representative will assess your application and inform you of the outcome.

If the course has been deemed suitable for you, SSR will provide you with a letter of offer and written agreement along with the Fees Payment plan and Agreement.

Again, ensure that you have read the Letter of offer and written agreement thoroughly, as it is a legal binding document. Sign the document and make the payments as agreed upon.

Once you sign the document you will be informed of the orientation date to attend. Orientation is mandatory for all students. If you cannot attend the date, inform us and we will organise another day for orientation.

For work-based training we can organise the whole process in your workplace.